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March 18, 2005

Warped sense of distance

After a very short time at university in Cambridge, doubly so at a college in the centre of town, everyone quickly develops a very warped sense of distance. Anything that takes more than about 10 minutes to walk or 5 minutes to cycle to is Really Far Away, because everything that concerns students in the city is so centralised. Nothing highlights this more than the ongoing debate about which of my college’s two “outlying” undergraduate hostels are further away from college – the one I currently live in, or the one I was in last year. Both have proved to be sufficiently far away from the center of town to cause people who live in college to not bother to come and visit on occasion, or go back home rather than trekking to join us for a further drink. A quick check on Map24 in indicates that they are both in fact the same distance from college – a mere 0.35 miles. 😛

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One response to “Warped sense of distance”

  1. Julian says:

    I like to compare the journey from the Boat House to my lectures (the CMS) as being comparable to the distance between Cambridge and Home(worksop).

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