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May 20, 2005

Resizing LVM2 physical volumes

People keep running into situations where they’ve grown a block device (by repartitioning or md-fiddling) and want to grow the LVM2 physical volume on that device. Once when I wanted to do this, I managed to find a post to the linux-lvm mailing list explaining how to resize an LVM2 physical volume given that LVM2 has no pvresize. I’ve blogged it here so that I don’t have to remember the exact search terms to find it again, and hopefully Google will find it too and help others in the future.

posted by ramcq @ 4:29 pm
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2 responses to “Resizing LVM2 physical volumes”

  1. Zefiro says:

    Thanks, Google did indeed find it.

  2. Tarmo says:

    Since LVM 2.02.00, released on 10th November 2005, LVM2 has had pvresize.

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