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July 27, 2005

aalib has company

In unstable, aalib1 has just been renamed to libaa1, in line with normal shared library naming policies, giving rise to the following:
$ apt-cache search libaa
libaa1-dev - ascii art library, development kit
libaal-dev - Reiser4's application abstraction library

Which is more useful? Which has more users? Which is on more crack? 😀

posted by ramcq @ 3:41 am
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2 responses to “aalib has company”

  1. Thomas Hood says:

    You do realize that one name is spelled

    el iye bee ay ay one

    and the other is spelled

    el iye bee ay ay el

    ? 🙂

  2. robot101 says:

    Yes. It was a joke. Thanks anyway.

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