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September 20, 2005

Oh baby baby…

I apologise in advance. It’s all Rob Taylor‘s fault, while we were looking at garbage collection (or not) of Python D-BUS service objects. In my defence, I was thinking of the Travis cover rather than Britney’s version.

Oh baby, baby
How was I supposed to know
This memory’s from the heap
Oh baby, baby
I shouldn’t have let it go
And now its out of scope, yeah
Show me where I should have called free
Tell me baby ’cause I need to know now, oh because

My memory leak is killing me
I must confess, I still believe
When all my objects are hard to find
Give me a count
Ref me baby one more time

posted by ramcq @ 5:01 pm
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7 responses to “Oh baby baby…”

  1. Max Howell says:

    Hehe, that’s just fabulous 🙂 Deserves to be reposted on forums across the world.

  2. behdad says:

    Yeah, fabulous indeed. Enjoyed it.

  3. Nermal says:

    I think this quote is appropriate…

  4. Uwe Hermann says:

    Quote of the day

    This made my day:

    <Zybl0re> get up
    <Zybl0re> get on up
    <Zybl0re> get up
    <Zybl0re> get on up
    <phxl|paper> and DANCE
    * nmp3bot dances :D-<
    * nmp3bot dances :D|-<
    * nmp3bot dances :D/-<
    <[SA]HatfulOfHollow> i…

  5. nattie says:

    Seeing as the only set of lyrics I know for that song is the rather stunning German version by the Wise Guys, I can’t judge the quality of the filk, but I think I can say with some authority… *boggle*.

  6. Ref me baby one more time

    I spent the evening listening to an interview Wil Wheaton did. One of the things he mentioned was that he thought that the hurricane Katrina might have changed things, the way people think, and that suddenly, or at least for a while now, focus on cele…

  7. pabs says:

    Bonus points if you get Weird Al to release an MP3 of this under some free licence 🙂

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