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March 8, 2006

Now hiring

My company, Collabora, is seeking one or two experienced free software developers to hire or subcontract. We are working on VOIP and Instant Messaging software using Glib, D-Bus and GStreamer, and our focus is creating and working on completely open source projects.

As well as contributing frequently to D-Bus and GStreamer, our main projects at the moment are the Farsight library for negotiating and setting up GStreamer pipelines for peer-to-peer voice and video streams over a variety of protocols, and the Telepathy framework for allowing IM/VOIP server connections to be implemented as D-Bus services, so that the connections can be shared and integrated into your desktop, exposing the different functions of the servers in the appropriate parts of the UI.

If this sounds up your street, drop us a line with a CV and details about relevant experience or free software projects you have contributed to.

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3 responses to “Now hiring”

  1. Good Luck with that!

  2. M.R. says:

    Speaking of up my street, where are you guys located?

    I’d love to work for an open-source company, but all the jobs I’ve seen recently have been in Really Cold places. 🙂

  3. robot101 says:

    If anything, the company is based in Cambridge, UK, which is where me and Rob Taylor live. However, we do have another director, Philippe Kalaf, in Canada, and subcontractors in Norway and Belgium, so we’re not averse to considering people working remotely, provided the occasional trip to cold places is doable.

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