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June 2, 2006


In the office just now, daf complained at me that he finds it very annoying when people blog about how they havn’t blogged recently. I apologise, although in my defence, the post was mainly about C (I’ve subsequently learnt that -Wextra will warn me about such errors in future, thanks :D). The question is, is this post also annoying because of this meta-blogging property, or can it be excused as meta-meta-blogging?

Although, whilst I am talking about my blog, I found that Ross Burton took a reasonable picture of me at FOSDEM (I’m the one on the left, versus Iain Holmes on the right :D), which I’ve cribbed for my photo on the GUADEC speakers list. I was wondering if in exchange for beer (or cake), anyone would like to make me a hackergotchi for my various Planet appearances?

I’ve decided with mjg59 that when referring to Web 2.0, the correct pronounciation of RSS is ‘arse‘ (linked to the definition for people to might spell that word wrongly ;), leading to witty concepts such as ‘arse feeds’, ‘arse readers’, etc. It amused us in the pub anyway.

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8 responses to “Meta-blogging”

  1. Baptiste Mille-Mathias says:


    I’ve made you hackergotchi

    I hope you’ll like it


  2. Baptiste Mille-Mathias says:

    By the way, I would prefer a cake than a beer 😀

  3. Baptiste Mille-Mathias says:

    Hello again Robert,
    someone adviced me to remove the neck so please find this new hackergotchi

  4. iain says:

    Oh bloody hell…could you not have looked reasonable in a photo I dont look like a gimp in?

  5. David Nusinow says:

    “I’ve decided with mjg59 that when referring to Web 2.0, the correct pronounciation of RSS is ‘arse‘”

    I fully support this initiative.

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