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December 12, 2006

Telepathy and OLPC

We got an OLPC prototype at Collabora last week, and have been playing with the Telepathy VOIP/IM framework on the devices. Using telepathy-gabble’s (our XMPP backend) Jingle implementation, and telepathy-stream-engine with the Farsight GStreamer RTP library, we got a bidirectional voice/video call going pretty quickly using a few lines of python and a bit of hackery (patches to follow :D).

We’re going to polish this up into an activity you can install, and also Sjoerd Simons has been working with us on telepathy-salut, an XMPP Link-Local (also known as Rendezvous, Bonjour, iChat, whatever) backend which we’re hoping to also get working as part of the OLPC platform.

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4 responses to “Telepathy and OLPC”

  1. gurkan gur says:

    i can’t run, where is the account module (in which package?)

  2. […] je napomenuo i da je pred par dana uspjeĆĄno testiran video poziv izme?u dva OLPC laptopa. Stvar koja to omogu?ava je Telepathy, framework koji ujedinjuje […]

  3. Max A. says:

    Hi Robert,

    I saw you blog entry about getting Telepathy/Farsight working. I am trying to do it also. I have a basic Ubuntu installation with Telepathy packages installed, but I can’t get any of the example scripts working. i.e.

    Can you give any recommendations or instructions on how to get a simple video conference going?

    Thank you,

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