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December 16, 2006

Telepathy and OLPC (part 2)

I’ve been away from the office for a couple of days, but when I got back to Cambridge, Daf and Sjoerd had some pretty cool stuff to show me:

These screenshots are taken by using an environment variable to tell stream-engine just to create an xvimagesink for any call, but Daf’s writing a simple pygtk UI which handles embedding the output window into the UI properly and should make placing/receiving calls slightly less mystical. Even so, a graphical video call APP in ~150 lines of python… not too bad if you ask me. 🙂

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2 responses to “Telepathy and OLPC (part 2)”

  1. One to One Video Conferencing Per Child

    While Christopher Blizzard points to the initial trick by Robert McQueen, it will take a Geek-to-English dictionary to sort out how Robert got video conferencing on the OLPC XO via Telepathy VOIP/IM:Using telepathy-gabble’s (our XMPP backend) Jingle i…

  2. clark says:

    Is there anywhere this method is explained for the n00b. I’d love this to work on my OLPC, but all the talk I’ve seen goes way over my head.

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