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June 5, 2008


In the office, Christian has just unwrapped a very carefully packed box containing a bulging tin of Surströmming. Apparently due to the “unique” smell you have to open it outside, and he’s invited people to come to his house to try it. Now, I’m not keen on various types of fish even at the best of times, so add a year or so of fermentation, and I am very, very scared. In unrelated news, some people in the office have decided to take up vegetarianism.

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8 responses to “Surströmming”

  1. Jonas says:

    You should be scared…or petrified. And be as far away from that tin as you possibly can when it’s opened. Note: it shouldn’t be opened in the first place…

  2. You are right to be afraid. And be sure to be in a place where it’s actually possible to throw up. It’s not entirely uncommon that people do due to the combination of smell and taste 🙂

  3. And managed to click submit too early. Was goint to say.


    (there are a lot of people who actually do like it).

  4. Janne says:

    Wonderful! I live in Japan, and that’s one thing I miss here; you’re not allowed to bring it on airplanes so I just have to do without.

    Flat bread, sliced boiled potatoes, some chopped onion and one herring. Roll up, eat, wash down with Hallands Fläder aquavit.

  5. spaetz says:

    I nearly wasn’t allowed on a flight because I had a tin of that in my luggage. They told me “if that thing explodes in the air we can discard the airplane”.

    Be very scared indeed.

  6. Jimmy says:

    Lucky you! Surströmming is soooo delicious!
    Hmm, I think we should have it this weekend. Our 2 year old son loves it!

  7. Alban says:

    I find this interesting, I would like to give it a try. But not for breakfast.

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